Believers Convention

Spiritual maturity is a conscious and continuous process. It is an intentional walk towards manifesting the God-life resident in every believer.

The iReign leadership specifically designed this program to fuel the zest for spiritual growth and maturity in young believers and seasoned ministers. The 3-day spirit-filled and word-based program is held annually at designated venues. We tailor each dose of scriptural based teachings and spiritual impartation to meet its participants’ primed expectations.

Regardless of location and denominational disparity, believers take hold of this opportunity to fellowship with like-minds and, in the process, sharpen their weapons of war. For the iReign family, this is our season of retreat. We take this opportunity to reboot and be revived in earnest pursuit of kingdom realities.

Our assembly meetings are Christ-centered and family -like, we witness great apostolic signs and wonders through the demonstration of the Spirit and they are characterized with joy. All of our centers hold meetings on Sundays, while some holds Sunday and midweek meetings. Depending on where you are  you may need to find out what is obtainable at your location (location/centre map).  Assuredly, you will experience love, warmth and family loyalty.