Kings Academy

Kings academy is the resource development school of iReign Christian Family, through which we fulfill the dominion mandate given to our ministry; to raise men who will rule as kings in every sphere of life. The scripture says, ‘and hath made us kings and priests unto God and His Father; and we shall reign on the earth. (Revelation 1: 6; 5:10).

We believe this ‘making’ happened in the new birth, however there is a training required for kingship. Many believers have led a defeated life, hence, the new birth cannot be a sole guarantee for ruler-ship. Kings are raised in the palace of God’s pattern of thinking and operations. There is a way Kings talk, there is a way they negotiate, there is a way they think, there is a way they make demands, there is a way they control the elements of this earth and they can be taught. That is what Kings Academy presents to you.

Our process of training kings involves classroom training, discipleship sessions, mentoring and live practical sessions. Irrespective of where you are in your Christian journey, an encounter awaits you. The academy offers basic and advanced courses on the pillars of dominion. They are all connected to each other and they address different needs and purposes. Irrespective of previous Christian knowledge, you will have to start with the basic course before you graduate to the next.

We have recorded countless testimonies of victory and success from participants. I promise you, it will be worth the while.