Mandate Conference

Several years ago, one man received Dominion as a mandate. This vision gave birth to an elite breed of men born of God and on a mission to demonstrate his supernatural move on the earth. They are the ambassadors of the Dominion Mandate.

Every year, iReign Christian Family celebrates the commemoration of this journey and the unyielding mission to help men lead a life of Dominion through the demonstration of the spirit.

This worldwide event refreshes the ambassador’s visions, rekindles their flames, and realigns their pursuit of this one goal – to raise men who will rule as Kings and Priest and Reign in life (Revelation 5:10; Romans 5:17) The Mandate Conference is more than a meeting. It is the first day of the new year for the iReign Christian Family. Here, God speaks forth his word for the coming year; here, we write the vision, and from hereon, we run swiftly.

Our assembly meetings are Christ-centered and family -like, we witness great apostolic signs and wonders through the demonstration of the Spirit and they are characterized with joy. All of our centers hold meetings on Sundays, while some holds Sunday and midweek meetings. Depending on where you are  you may need to find out what is obtainable at your location (location/centre map).  Assuredly, you will experience love, warmth and family loyalty.