The Prophetic download is a “go ye into the world” move by the iReign Christian Family. As a family, we strategically targeted this program at unbelievers and believers with little or no experience with the supernatural move of God.

This quarterly held program has brought several men and women to acknowledge God’s reconciliation plan for humanity. In addition, it served as a platform for a full display of the Prophetic and diverse move of the Spirit.

Myriads of rare and supernatural encounters are some of the testimonies from prior editions alongside the worship session being a continuous channel of blessing to the body of Christ. Ministers like  Magpsalm, Efe Nathan, Mercy Chinwo, and the ever-energetic Octane choir have graced past events.  Several testimonies of clarity, prophetic direction, diverse healings, and miracles have resulted from the Prophetic Download. Therefore, as a family, our hearts are set in constant expectations of the extraordinary move of God in subsequent programs.

Our assembly meetings are Christ-centered and family -like, we witness great apostolic signs and wonders through the demonstration of the Spirit and they are characterized with joy. All of our centers hold meetings on Sundays, while some holds Sunday and midweek meetings. Depending on where you are  you may need to find out what is obtainable at your location (location/centre map).  Assuredly, you will experience love, warmth and family loyalty.