School of Influence

A great misconception lies in a man’s mind when he sees leadership as titles, delegation or authority. Leadership has and will always be about impact, inspiration, and influence. In the making of a great leader, knowledge, when applied, is a non-negotiable ingredient. Thus, in partnership with the iReign Christian Family, the School of Influence is on a mission to equip kingdom-minded leaders with the knowledge that makes for an unprecedented global impact in the marketplace.

This school has hosted several online and on-site paradigm-shifting seminars with keynote speakers like Fela Durotoye, the CEO of Gemstone, Emmanuel E-bright, the CEO of Emmagination consulting, and Dr. Feyi Daniels, a renowned scholar of divinity and financial intelligence gracing the event.

As a leadership institute, we hold high the belief that Christians are crusaders of God’s government and we are undoubtedly committed to seeing its establishment on earth.

Our assembly meetings are Christ-centered and family -like, we witness great apostolic signs and wonders through the demonstration of the Spirit and they are characterized with joy. All of our centers hold meetings on Sundays, while some holds Sunday and midweek meetings. Depending on where you are  you may need to find out what is obtainable at your location (location/centre map).  Assuredly, you will experience love, warmth and family loyalty.