Feyi Daniels

Pastor - iReign Christian Family

Who is Feyi Daniels (Oluwafeyiropo Daniels)?

I am the move of God. The prophet you should have met and the last you’ll need to meet.


I am a prophet called to nations and a leading global voice in mysteries about the Angelic.


As a dynamic leader in the corporate world, I run  business schools, managed multinational institutions, and scaled firms consulted by several multinationals.

My Office As A Prophet

As a prophet, I speak to men in business, established personnels in power, the everyday man and to the body of Christ.

With a calling to rule nations, provide clarity, and establish kings and systems, I understand that my office goes beyond the four walls of the church. This is why I would love to connect with you.

Beyond the Prophetic

I’ll do injustice to my introduction if I don’t tell you that I am a teacher of God’s word. I have been named the teaching prophet.


I would like you to experience this teaching Grace mixed with every prophetic anointing. This is the complete package God preserved for you in me.


Don’t mistake my confidence for pride, with all humility I know that I am only a custodian of God’s gift


It is a privilege to serve you, and I honor you greatly,


Bishop Feyi Daniels.